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The symbolism in Tarot
« -: 1 Април 2020 16:51:10, Сряда »
If a layman into a drawing made by an engineer, for him it will be a mess of lines, arrows and strange characters. If asked to make a copy of it from inexperience will make a mistake and will not even notice. When the drawing is "on" it will not work.

Similarly tarot cards should be viewed as drawings, in which every detail has its place. You do not need anything to change, add or simplified. If this happens, then divination will not be true.

Tarot cards are a pictorial representation of the Book of Thoth, which was written on 78 pages. In the Middle Ages emerged many of their revisions. But they all have the same "keys" and markings. When they learn, the magician uses them to fall into certain conditions which can perform the necessary operation.

The colors in tarot cards marked chakras. If red prevails, it means you have to enter the state described on the map and distribute energy from the lower chakras throughout the body. Then you need to make sure that must be activated or intuition to think logically.

Often taro is used in changing the situation replenish energy, doing magic or charge mascot. Apparently experienced tarolog can not be limited to the study of divining side of taro.

There are many books to give the necessary knowledge, so just jot down guidelines on which to focus beginners. I recommend to start with the book "Ritual Tarot of the Golden Dawn" Chick  Cicero and Sandra Cicero.

Author: The Shadow
Познанието е само за тези, които са готови да жертват време и усилия, за да се сдобият с него.