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1. Historical review.

For millennia in large centers of human civilization such as Egypt, Sumer, India, China, Babylon, Assyria and others, hypnosis / self – hypnosis (or autohypnosis) has had a healing, religious, and magical role. The name "hypnosis" derives from the ancient Greek god of sleep, Hypnos, who is  son of Night and brother of Thanatos (Thanatos is the god of death).

Used today ways of reaching to a condition of hypnosis / self – hypnosis came from ancient times. Among the more interesting techniques, which are related to practicing magic, is the fixation of sight, for example in crystals and mirrors, known as crystallomancy and catoptromancy. It is supposed, so appeared clairvoyance by crystal balls and special mirrors.
From the point of view of science hypnosis was initially investigated by the English surgeon– J. Braid (1795-1860). He categorically rejected Mesmer's concept of animal magnetism, and proves that there is no animal magnetism, but hypnosis was used instead.

Approximately at that time among doctors hypnosis anesthesia gains popularity, and operations were massively performed under hypnosis for eliminating pain.

About the authority of hypnosis / self – hypnosis among doctors testimonies and the fact that it has a recognized healing value by the British Medical Society since 1891.

2. The essence of hypnosis / self – hypnosis.

Many have the wrong idea that hypnosis / self – hypnosis is a condition similar to sleep. This idea doesn’t correspond to reality. The Studies of Science prove that between sleep and hypnosis / self – hypnosis there are significant differences and man under hypnosis / self – hypnosis is actually awaken. Hypnosis / self – hypnosis is not a partial sleep, but quite another kind of state of consciousness.

3. Stages of hypnosis / self – hypnosis.

Many hypnotists try to divide hypnosis into stages.

It is accepted that hypnosis / self – hypnosis can be divided into 3 stages:

1. Light hypnosis / self – hypnosis. It is characterized by drowsiness and relaxation.

2. Average hypnosis / self – hypnosis also known as hypotaxia. Appears heaviness in the body, difficulties with speaking and thinking, catalepsy can be observed  (a phenomenon of waxy flexibility of muscles).

3. Deep Hypnosis/ self – hypnosis. It is possible appearing hallucinations, creating anesthesia (Insensitivity to pain of a part of the body), healing (it is not true that with hypnosis can heal everything) and other.

4. Types of hypnosis / self – hypnosis.

There are a variety of types of hypnosis / self – hypnosis depending on the ways by which it is achieved or the purpose it serves. In this material will be considered two of the less uncommon types of hypnosis:

4.1. Ablation hypnosis - it is obtained in a conditional way, a hypnotist isn’t needed. It is enough to meet a man with a particular subject or something from the surrounding environment, to trigger entry into hypnosis. Prior to this, of course, the hypnotist has set what triggers entry into hypnosis.

4.2. Regressive hypnosis - regression under hypnosis (return to the memories of the past) is possible, but it is entwined with fantasy and with what one would like to have happened, but it didn’t happen in reality. Therefore information obtained during regressive hypnosis, may be untrue.

Some people lie, that regressive hypnosis returns to past lives and is the proof of the existence of reincarnation because of that they earn money or maybe they have mental problems. The lie to return to the past life through hypnosis is based on the fact that under hypnosis / self – hypnosis can cause immersion in fantasy and identifying with the main character. Such a thing is harmful to the psyche.

Author: The Shadow

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