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When а man controls his own energy, he becomes capable of doing magic. The Chinese call this energy qi. In Chinese medicine, it is assumed that qi and blood are closely related. Energy is formed in the human organism and through the blood it is delivered to every cell of the body.

It can be assumed that qi is electromagnetic energy and magic is its management. This energy has no anthropomorphic characteristics, i.e. it is neither good nor bad. Electric charges are only two types - positive and negative. Positive and negative is a type of charge, not a type of energy. What it will be used for depends on the one who uses it.

Electromagnetic energy has different types of impacts - thermal, light, mechanical, magnetic and, last but not least, physiological. For example, our thoughts consist of  electromagnetism, biochemistry and the nervous system, and this is used to make magic.

Because magic is energy management, the ritual isn`t needed for it. In the best case, the ritual helps our consciousness to reach certain trance states and facilitates the transmission of energy, which is the basis of magic. Not every trance can transmit energy. Trances of the type of meditation and self-hypnosis lead only to one's own consciousness.

Trance, which is used for magic, must be related to reality. This is important in order to avoid the confusion of fantasy with reality. Whether the trance is magical can be proved by checking the reality. If it corresponds to reality, then everything is done correctly.

Author: The Shadow
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