Автор Тема: Clairvoyance. First steps.  (Прочетена 3963 пъти)

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Clairvoyance. First steps.
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One has to wield clairvoyance ability in order to be successful at reading tarot or handling any other divination system. Clairvoyance and reading are related to each other. If one doesn’t wield clairvoyance, there would be none or poor results.

There are many techniques on the net promising to teach you how to become the best clairvoyant. Everybody who has tested these techniques already knows that many want to possess this kind of gift and some tend to lie that they have it, but In fact few do have it in real.

I let you – the readers to consider whether you’re wasting your time here or learning things, that people like me don’t tend to share.

A reasonable question related to clairvoyance is about the way the information about another person or event from the past or the future is received. In other words, the question is what actually is clairvoyance. Many people think that the clairvoyance is only a way of receiving information about the past or the future. But in fact clairvoyance is not only this. Clairvoyance is a whole set of abilities, which includes ways of manipulating energy and events.

A common misbelief is that the future is predetermined. But it isn’t. The clairvoyant ‘’sees’’ one or several most possible variations of the future, but the responsibility for the path which will be taken is personal. In this sense a consultation with a clairvoyant is a means of making a decision how to proceed but not the solution itself. This is why questions like ‘’Will we get together with X?’’ piss me off. There’s no predetermined fate, get yourself together and endeavor if you want to get together with X. In reading, there’s no place for answers like ‘’yes’’ or ‘’no’’. Everything is possible.

Clairvoyance represents connecting with the energy of the Universe. At first, the information appears in the subconscious when the ‘’reader’’ is inexperienced and novice at reading. This is why it is best for the beginners to ‘’pull out’’ the information from the subconscious using a divination system. The most relevant is tarot but any other divination system would work – like runes, oracle, i-jing etc. The experienced clairvoyants don’t need any divination systems. They receive the information straight by getting into a specific trance state known as the clairvoyance trance.

Variations of receiving information:
-          Controlled. One wants to know something and directs himself for getting the information and gets it.
-          Uncontrolled. The information comes unrequested. Mostly it is useless.
-          Negatively. Absolute loss of control. At the end always happens something bad.

Many people are interested in how does the clairvoyance appear. There could be many reasons. Some people are born with it. Others develop clairvoyance due to traumas and stress but in these cases the ability is almost useless, with some exceptions. It is possible to develop clairvoyance over a long time with working persistently on yourself.

Translator: Solomon
Author: The Shadow
Познанието е само за тези, които са готови да жертват време и усилия, за да се сдобият с него.